Friday, January 26, 2018

Why Your Garage Door Breaks More Often in the Winter

It can seem like garage door malfunctions happen whenever you need it to work the most. However, this isn't just bad luck.Winter freezes and bad weather can play a part in making fragile components of your automatic garage door snap or malfunction.

What does winter weather have to do with your garage door?
Metal contracts in the cold which can affect everything from the screws holding the mechanisms in place to the springs that bear the weight load of the moving door. One of the best ways to protect your garage door against this is to ensure that your garage is well insulated. Since traditional garage doors are thin sheets of metal with little weather-stripping, the cold air can seep right into your garage and around the bare metal pieces.  An insulated garage door and weather-stripping can help keep your metal safe from regular contractions and expansions.

Winter weather can also freeze your door to the ground. The motor lifting the door is set for an expected range of weight, and trying to pull the frozen lip of the door from the ground might put too much pressure on it. Even worse, the weather-stripping itself might freeze to the ground and start to rip if you try to open the door after a freeze. If you notice pools of ice or snow around the bottom of your garage door before you leave in the morning, pour salty water to break the seal before opening the door.

Some garage doors aren't built for winter weather. If you've regularly experienced broken doors or springs after a freeze, contact Overhead Door Company of Lansing to schedule a repair or find a long-term solution.

Friday, December 29, 2017

When Do You Need to Get Your Garage Door Rollers Repaired?

Garage doors can be finicky things. Everything from the weather to time can make them start to creak and go wrong, especially if it's been a while since the last time they've been serviced. If you've noticed that your door is started to slow down or rumble when you open and close it, here are three things to check the rollers for:
  1. Is there a buildup of dust and dirt on the rollers? Even if you regularly sweep for leaves and dirt, particles can still get stuck in the door's tracks. That accumulation of dust and dirt can either make the door roll back up when you're trying to close it or it can slow the door down too much. Investigate the tracks and rollers for mud, dirt, and even small bits of rock, and use a can of air to clean out the crevices.
  2. Is the rail out of alignment? If you hear a rubbing noise or sometimes your door won't close, the track could be out of alignment. Check the rails for bent metal, and look for any gaps between the rail and the rollers. If you see any signs of physical damage, call in a repair technician immediately: forcing the door to work around the damage can make the problem worse, and this is a dangerous repair to do on your own.
  3. Do you hear popping noises? Once your garage door starts making noises it shouldn't, that's one of the clearest signs you'll get that one or more of the parts need to be replaced. A popping sound means the door has worn rollers, and the only solution is to have your garage door company replace them. 
Even though garage doors themselves are designed to last a couple of decades, their opening systems have a shorter lifespan due to all the moving parts. If it's been a few years since your door has last been serviced or if you have noticed signs of malfunctions, we encourage you to schedule an appointment with us at Overhead Door Company of Lansing.

Friday, November 17, 2017

What You Need to Know About Adding Windows to Your Garage Door

Thinking about adding windows to your garage door? Here are some things you should know.

Benefits of Adding Windows

The main benefit of adding windows is getting some natural lighting in your garage. Adding stylish windows also improves the curb appeal of your home, which increases its value.

Where Will the Windows Go?

Most often, people add windows to the top section of their garage door. This has a double benefit: It brings natural sunlight into the home, but it still maintains your privacy. If you use your garage as a workout area, or if you use your garage for any reason and you want privacy, this is the way to go.
Windows can also be added to a lower section of the door, usually to the third section. In this case, you may want to consider getting glass that makes it easy to look out but hard to look in, which will improve your privacy.

What Kind of Windows Should You Get?

There are so many different styles, shapes, and designs that you can get for your garage door windows. The most important thing is to get windows that fit in with the design and style of the rest of your home.

Give a professional a call and we'll help you find the perfect garage door with the perfect windows. They'll show you all the options until you find one that you like. They’ll also make sure that the windows are safe and that the garage door has the right weight and balance.

We encourage you to give Overhead Door Company of Lansing a call with any garage door questions or service needs you may have!

Monday, October 23, 2017

6 Tips for Preparing Your Garage Door for the Winter

Are you confident that your garage door is ready for the winter? The last thing you want is for your garage door to break down before a major blizzard. Having that said, it is very important to get a garage door tune-up before the winter sets in if it’s needed.  We encourage you to keep reading so that you know what to look out for. 

Check the Batteries:
Have the batteries checked to make sure they have their full power. If the batteries are weak or dying, you should have them replaced in order to prevent breakdowns.

Check the Weather Stripping:
Weather stripping ensures that snow will not enter your garage. It also helps to keep your home warm by keeping out the cold, which in turn reduces energy consumption and your energy bill. If you find that the weather stripping is cracked or damaged, you will want to have it fixed or replaced.

Insulate Your Door:
If your garage door is not keeping out the cold, you should have it insulated or, if necessary, consider having it replaced with a stronger and warmer garage door.

Lubricate the moving parts of your door. This will keep it running smoothly and will prevent issues from arising.

Clean out the tracks from any dirt, debris, or grease. Wash down the garage door itself on both the inside and the outside.

Get an Inspection:
A lot more goes into making sure that your garage doors are working properly; you’ll want to check the rollers, the cables, the auto-reverse function, etc. Given that, you should leave this work to the professionals. 

We encourage you to call Overhead Door Company of Lansing to schedule your garage door tune-up before the winter weather hits.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Garage Door Repair & Replacement: What to Look Out For

A sturdy garage door provides your home with security, safety and ease.  It is important to ensure that your garage door is working effectively and to know when it’s time to take the route of either repair or replacement. Below are some causes that would lead you down either one of those routes.  

Faulty Safety Sensors

A lot of garage door systems these days are equipped with photo-optic safety sensors which are used as a safety precaution in keeping the door from accidentally closing on a person or object. Basically, there is an invisible beam of light that the sensors give off that goes from corner to corner beneath your garage door. When this beam of light is interjected, it stops the opener from operating. Having that said, if this beam of light loses its’ electrical link, burns out or has an askew emitter and reflector, it can cause an untrue signal to the garage door, causing the operation of the opener to be infrequent or simply stop working altogether. If you find yourself in this situation, a garage door repair is needed.


Garage door openers for older models do not offer much security which can leave your home at risk of break-ins. Door openers these days have more cutting-edge technological features, so if you home has an older garage door model then it would be in your best interest to consider a more up-to-date door replacement.

Noisy Garage Door

Is your garage door noisy? A noisy garage door can lead to all types of problems, not to mention for those whose sleep is interrupted due to having a bedroom located either above or next to the garage. The positive news here is that a lot of noisy door problems can be straightforwardly solved by substituting a few parts and maintaining regular upkeep.

The Door is Off Track

Your garage door is able to open and close due to the way in which it runs on a metal track. In time, the opening and closing function of the garage door will result in a broken spring which will prevent your garage door from opening all of the way. Having that said, you will need to have your garage door repaired as soon as you see signs of the door being off the track so that you can save yourself some trouble down the road.  

Tired Motor

The motor is the fundamental hub of a garage door’s opener simply because the door would not be able to function without it. Warnings of a motor problem could consist of grating noises, stench of hot wires or decelerated motion of the door. It is extremely important to note that only qualified professionals should be the ones to repair this essential part of your garage door, especially since there is the chance of experiencing electric shock while doing so.  

Keep in mind that there are numerous reasons that can keep your garage door from working as it should. You should never try to fix your garage door problems on your own because not only can it be complicated, you could put yourself in serious danger.  Having that said, it is always best to take the safe approach and hire only a qualified company for your garage door repair or replacement service needs.

We encourage you to call Overhead Door Company of Lansing with any service needs or inquirers you may have.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

How to Protect Garage Door Springs from Damage

Averages will tell you almost nothing about how long your garage door springs will last. So, to get the longest life, it is a good idea to regularly inspect and perform maintenance on your garage door components. Doing so will limit the possibility of unnecessary damage. Below are a few steps that will ensure your garage door springs will last a long time.

It is important to keep springs lubricated since rust is the No. 1 reason why a garage door spring will fail. Consequently, basic lubrication will help prolong the life of your springs. Those being said, use only lubricants specifically designed for garage doors.

Visual inspections should be done on a regular basis so it is a good idea for homeowners to inspect for damage. Make sure the garage door opens and closes smoothly, that there are no unusual noises, and that the springs are stable.

If you ever discover anything unusual with your garage or have any questions, contact Overhead Door Company of Lansing.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Replacing a Broken Garage Door Spring

Replacing a broken garage door spring is considered dangerous for a good reason. Garage door springs are under extreme tension and the wrong mistake can suddenly release it. Consider the following points and don't trust your well-being to luck by taking this work on as a DIY project.
  • A mistake that releases a spring's tension may cause something to fly. An accident can lacerate or badly pinch hands and fingers.
  • Dismantling components before unwinding the unbroken spring; this can be a deadly mistake. Inexperience, distraction, excessive haste, or emotional distress may cause this. The springs and any hardware attached to the springs such as the cables, anchor plates, and brackets are under high tension. Dismantling any of these will suddenly release the mechanical tension and may cause severe injury.
  • An important tool is the winding bar. Casually looking around for something to insert into the spring winding cone is a sure recipe for an accident. Winding bars with worn and rounded edges at the end are dangerous and require replacement. A professional can ensure that they are using the proper tools and that those tools are in good condition.
Avoid an accident and accept that this job should be left to a garage door professional. Make the smart and safe choice by calling Overhead Door Company of Lansing inLansing MI today.