Monday, July 31, 2017

Replacing a Broken Garage Door Spring

Replacing a broken garage door spring is considered dangerous for a good reason. Garage door springs are under extreme tension and the wrong mistake can suddenly release it. Consider the following points and don't trust your well-being to luck by taking this work on as a DIY project.
  • A mistake that releases a spring's tension may cause something to fly. An accident can lacerate or badly pinch hands and fingers.
  • Dismantling components before unwinding the unbroken spring; this can be a deadly mistake. Inexperience, distraction, excessive haste, or emotional distress may cause this. The springs and any hardware attached to the springs such as the cables, anchor plates, and brackets are under high tension. Dismantling any of these will suddenly release the mechanical tension and may cause severe injury.
  • An important tool is the winding bar. Casually looking around for something to insert into the spring winding cone is a sure recipe for an accident. Winding bars with worn and rounded edges at the end are dangerous and require replacement. A professional can ensure that they are using the proper tools and that those tools are in good condition.
Avoid an accident and accept that this job should be left to a garage door professional. Make the smart and safe choice by calling Overhead Door Company of Lansing inLansing MI today.


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