Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Importance of Garage Door Safety

Garage doors can be extremely dangerous, especially if you have children. Your garage is a huge access point into your home and is used every day. Whether it’s for storage, a playroom for the kids or a workshop, it’s important to make sure that you and your family is aware of certain safety measures you should take if you have a garage.

Organization/Storage Safety: Most of the time, garages are used for storage; whether it be a car, tools or just holiday decorations. It’s a great place for storage because it’s out of the way and isn’t a main entertainment area of a home. However, the placement of certain items can cause huge dangers to your home. Any flammable items should be placed out of reach from children and inside a locked cabinet or box. Any tools like hammers or power tools should also be placed higher up and in a locked area. Not only can children find their way to these items, but items that are not secured can fall from a cabinet. Installing cabinets on the sides of your garage is a very popular way to store items and helps with the safety of the garage and keeps everything out of the way.

Garage Door Safety: The biggest cause of accidents in garages is the door not working properly. Whether it won’t open, or closes when it shouldn’t, a lot of accidents can happen if your garage door is not maintained properly. One way to make sure that your garage door will not close when it’s not supposed to is to place something underneath the door to make sure it reverses when it senses the object. If your garage door isn’t functioning the way it should, give us a call - we can inspect the garage door and figure out what repairs need to be made to get it back in working order!

Child Safety: The first step to making sure that your garage is a safe place for your children to play or be around is to lock it from your home. Make sure that the door to your garage has a lock that only you are able to unlock. This will keep them from going into the garage unsupervised. Next is to make sure that they are not able to reach the button or remote that can open or close the garage door. This will also ensure that they won’t be able to use the garage without adult supervision.

Garages are great additions to our homes, but it’s important to make sure they are also safe additions. Give us a call if you have any other questions about your garage and garage door - we’d be happy to help!

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