Wednesday, May 18, 2016

3 Items You Need to Maintain on Your Overhead Doors

Overhead doors are a great addition to any business or home. Not only are they aesthetically appealing, but they are extremely functional as well. For homeowners, they allow them to enter and exit their garage without having to get out of their vehicle. Business owners use them as an entry point for trucks coming into the facility needing to load and unload. They have a whole host of benefits to them. However, you need to make sure your doors are properly maintained to prevent any major disaster from occurring. Here are three items you need to check on a regular basis to prevent any injuries from occurring.


The springs are what helps the door to bounce up and close down. They guide it along the way by not allowing it to come slamming down to the ground at full force. Without those springs, it would be like a giant weight crashing down with no way to stop it. You need to make sure the springs are working properly at all times. You don't want to end up having the springs break on you and injure someone when the door comes crashing down.


The sensor is on the ground on either side of the door. It lets the door know that something is in the way and not to shut down. If they aren't working properly, the door will simply end up closing without caring about what might be in its path. Even though it won't be able to close down all the way, it will definitely try to do so. Cleaning them on a regular basis will help prevent dust and other contaminants from obstructing their view.


The rails are responsible for keeping the overhead door on track. If they become damaged or worn, you could end up having your door slip off its track and fall to the ground. This could be quite disastrous for anyone in the vicinity. Rails can get damaged from someone hitting into them, worn springs causing too much strain on them and so on. Periodically checking for signs of damage can go a long way in keeping everyone safe.

By taking the time to check the three things above, you can prevent any major disaster from coming your way. These are large items that require a certain amount of components to move and operate. Without those components being in good working order, you could wind up seriously injured. If you are ever in doubt about a component on your overhead door, give us a call! We'd be happy inspect your garage door to ensure that it is working properly and perform any necessary maintenance.

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