Monday, August 15, 2016

Garage Door Service Experts Discuss Safety Tips for Parents of Younger Children

The garage door is probably the largest moving piece of your home. Even though your child spends time with you inside or in the backyard, there are times when the youngster will be around when the door opens or closes. Our garage door service experts offer you some tips that help keep the kids safe.

  • Talk about garage door safety. You would be surprised to learn how many parents do not tell their children to stand away from the door when it opens or closes. Show the child how the door operates and point out areas where touching may cause pinched fingers. 
  • Repair broken down doors quickly. If your door works with coil springs, fix any broken pieces quickly; these doors are hefty without functioning springs and may cause severe injuries. Automatic doors with iffy openers can also create problems. As soon as you notice a hitch, call an expert to handle the repairs. 
  • Lead by example. Show your child how to enter and exit the garage safely. We always recommend waiting until an automatic door has come to a complete stop. Then enter or exit. When your child sees you doing so, s/he is much more likely to comply. 
  • Keep openers away from children. Because garage door openers are so easy to operate, children delight in making a door go up and down. We suggest putting the garage door openers out of reach of young children. Train older children how to use the opener and to follow your rules of garage access. 

Contact the Overhead Door Company of Lansing today for answers to additional questions about child safety procedures around garage doors or to schedule a repair appointment to fix broken parts.

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