Friday, January 30, 2015

Garage Door Safety Tips

You may have bought and installed a garage door recently and thought, 'That's one thing I can cross off my list for 10 years.' In some ways you're right, but garage doors are used every day and there are plenty of ways to make sure they’re in safe and working order. Check out our tips for ensuring your garage door is in top shape!
  1. Complete a Visual Inspection: One of the easiest and most effective ways of catching some obvious issues with your garage door is by inspecting the door itself once per month. Look at the springs, door itself, cables and pulleys! If anything looks out of order, make sure to call a garage door professional in to take a second look.
  2. Test the Reversing Mechanism on Your Garage Door: Place a board in the door's path and close the garage door. If your door doesn't reverse after contacting the object, make sure to call an expert to inspect the door.
  3. Never Leave Your Garage Door Partially Open: This may seem like a no-brainer, but don't leave your garage door partially open. In addition to being a security risk, when re-activating that door, it could come in contact with any objects underneath or in its path!
  4. Look at the Manual: When most people purchase a garage door, they overlook the manual! However, you can learn lots of ways to maintain your garage door's safety and security through the manual. Additionally, you can learn how to use the emergency release mechanism. If your power is out and you need to leave your home, your doors can be changed to automatic with the emergency release. The manual can be extremely useful in a lot of situations.
  5. Keep Your Remote Up and Away From Children: Remember to keep the controller away from small children and explain that these controls are not toys!
  6. Stay Away from Broken Springs: These springs are under high tension and require special tools to replace!
Our seasoned garage door professionals here at Overhead Door Co. of Lansing can make sure that your garage door remains efficient and safe! Contact us today for service!

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