Thursday, March 12, 2015

Shining a Light on Energy Efficient Garage Door Options

It isn't unusual for outdoor temperatures to dip into single or negative digits in Lansing at this time of year. As such, it pays for homeowners to speak with garage door contractors about the insulated doors. Although the doors are not yet ENERGY STAR certified, they obviously play a role in energy efficiency and much more. So today, we wanted to explore that topic in a little more detail.

Like other insulated building materials, garage doors are issued R-values based on how much protection they are able to provide. Although it is important to take that rating into consideration, homeowners shouldn't stop there. It is also vital to take into account the garage door's air infiltration rating, construction and bottom weather seal because they can impact a building's heat loss or gain too.

That said, our garage door sales staff will often recommend that Michigan residents choose models that feature multiple layers, bulb-style bottom seals, air infiltration ratings of .08 cfm or better and high R-values. There are many garage doors that have those types of air infiltration ratings and R-values. Ones that immediately come to mind are the Courtyard Thermacore®, Durafirm®, Signature Carriage and Impression® Collections. They are all designed for residential use.

Of those four residential options, the Courtyard Thermacore® has the highest R-value, ringing in at 11. It's followed by Durafirm® (11.75), Impression® (7.6) and Signature Carriage (4.75). We should also mention Thermacore® Insulated Sectional Steel and rolling service or counter doors. They have similar characteristics but are earmarked for commercial use. When it comes to those models, the first one tends to have the highest R-value, weighing in at an impressive 17.5.

Pricing options vary and may be occasionally offset by manufacturer's rebates. Unfortunately, tax credits or government-sponsored incentives do not apply at this time. To learn more, please contact us in Lansing.

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