Monday, March 20, 2017

3 Common Garage Door Problems

The garage door is one of the hardest working devices in the home, even if it is sometimes under appreciated. For a garage door to continually run efficiently, a homeowner must keep up with its particular ways, working around and fixing its little quirks, so that it performs as expected.

Do you know when to call a professional for your garage door repair? In this post, we'll outline 3 incredibly common garage door problems that you can fix yourself.

1. Sticking: When a garage door sticks, it's a problem that is easily sorted out. First, if you have an opener, check the batteries. Then, ensure that the sensor isn't obscured. From there, look at the wheel track and verify that the wheels are aligned. Lubricate the tracks as needed. If you find that your garage door is hung unevenly, contact a professional for assistance.

2. Uneven Movement: Less than ideal movement from your garage door means that the track is full of debris. If your garage door moves from side-to-side when in use, it's best that you check the track for bits of grit and dirt. If you find upon inspection that your tracks are bent or that the wheels need attention, put in a call to a professional to clear up your issue.

3. Loud Noises: After years of consistent use, garage doors will begin to make abrasive noises. While this type of sound doesn't mean a garage door will fail, it is a sign that something worse is going on. Try greasing the track with special garage door track oil (or WD40). If that doesn't work, consider discussing your problem with a professional garage door repairman.

While many garage door problems are fixed by the homeowner, it's important that you know when to contact Overhead Door Company of Lansing to help you out.

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