Friday, April 14, 2017

The Many Benefits of Garage Door Openers

If you don't have a garage door opener or have an old one that has fallen into disrepair, opening a garage door by hand or by pressing a button may not matter much to you. If the springs are doing their job, opening a door manually doesn't exactly break a sweat. However, a garage door opener is more beneficial than merely sparing you some physical effort. This is especially true if there are others in your life you care about. Here are five reasons why you might reconsider:

They Protect You and Your Family from the Weather

If it's exceptionally hot or cold outside, opening the garage door from inside your car, minimizes your exposure to enervating heat or to bone chilling cold. You can get out of your car after you're inside the garage and have shut the garage doors. A garage door opener allows you to keep your clothes dry instead of unlocking and opening the door by hand in a pouring rain or hail storm with lightning flashing overhead.

They Prevent Injury or Re-Injury

Even a young athletic person will find a garage door opener useful such as when recovering from an injury. If you're suffering from pulled muscles in the back, whiplash, a broken rib, or just sore muscles from a hard workout, manually opening the garage door is literally a pain. Perhaps others in your household with medical problems, lower back pain, or possibly arthritis would appreciate a working garage door opener.

They Enable Independent Living for the Elderly

Everyone values their independence including your grandparents or your parents. They may not be capable of manually opening the garage door, or perhaps doing this risks a debilitating injury. Automation, including that of your garage door reduces their dependence on others and increases their sense of dignity.

They Enhance Your Home's Security

A garage door that automatically closes as you drive away guarantees you'll never leave your garage door open all day when no one is home. Garage door openers are controllable via smart phone apps. These apps can warn you at work that your garage door is still open, and allow you to close them remotely.

They're Green

Garage door openers consume little energy and therefore have little impact on the environment. How is this possible with a two hundred or three hundred pound door? Every time you close your garage door, it stretches extension springs or twists coil springs. These springs store mechanical energy that is later used for reopening your door.

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